What’s new with OldNews?  There is a lot to talk about, including new version of OldNews USA for Android, and updates to the newspaper content at Chronicling America.

New Release of OldNews USA for Android

I am continuing to enhance the Android version of OldNews USA during 2018. The latest version of OldNews USA, version 4.0, was released on February 23.  The new version has improved search suggestions, better support for Android O (Oreo), an updated newspaper database with the latest titles from Chronicling America, and some bug fixes.

Over the past year, I released 9 new versions of OldNews USA for Android.  I added support for Chromebook, numerous new features, and support for all of the newly added newspaper pages at Chronicling America.  I also had to release a mandatory update when Chronicling America changed their site to use https instead of http.

New Content at Chronicling America

The amount of newspaper titles and searchable pages continues to grow at Chronicling America.  There are currently 2557 digitized newspaper titles available, with a total of more than 12.7 million pages.  Also, the site has added many newer newspapers over the past year.  A year ago, Chronicling America did not have any newspapers published before 1923.  However, during the past year, the site has added some new titles which have issues published in the 1930s through the 1960s:

Newspapers from the 1960s are now available on Chronicling America!
  • Maryland Independent, Port Tobacco, MD, 1589 issues, 09/16/1874 – 12/07/1934
  • The Voice, Cumberland, MD, 1 issue, 11/17/1938
  • The Voice of Labor, Cumberland, MD, 78 issues, 12/01/1938 – 07/30/1942
  • Greenbelt Cooperator, Greenbelt, MD, 236 issues, 11/24/1937 – 03/12/1943
  • The Midland Journal, Rising Sun, MD, 3203 issues, 08/07/1885 – 12/27/1946
  • Detroit Tribune, Detroit, MI, 37 issues, 04/14/1933 – 12/23/1933
  • The Detroit Tribune, Detroit, MI, 1450 issues, 09/14/1935 – 12/28/1963
North Carolina
  • The Independent, Elizabeth City, NC, 936 issues, 01/10/1919 – 09/04/1936
  • The Daily Independent, Elizabeth City, NC, 295 issues, 08/31/1936 – 08/13/1937
  • Henderson Daily Dispatch, Henderson, NC, 1004, 01/01/1940 – 06/30/1944
  • Jednośc Polek (Unity of Polish women), Cleveland, OH, 397 issues, 07/19/1923 – 09/08/1931
  • Ohio Waisenfreund, Pomeroy, OH, 764 issues, 02/18/1874 – 08/22/1953

Download OldNews USA today, check out the new features, and see for yourself why the app won the RootsTech 2017 Innovator Showdown.  I hope I’ll see you at RootsTech 2018 in Salt Lake City!

The 60’s are Coming to Chronicling America

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