OldNews USA now supports Chromebook
OldNews USA now supports Chromebook, including devices without a touchscreen.

Announcing Chromebook Support

It has been a while since my last blog article, so let’s get caught up.  Since returning from the RootsTech conference in February,  I have begun work on the iOS app as well as continuing to enhance the Android app.  Most of the changes in the latest release were to improve the appearance and use of OldNews USA on devices with large screens, such as Chromebook.  Yes, OldNews USA now supports Chromebook, including devices that do not have a touchscreen!

Google announced in late January that all new Chromebooks will support Android apps, so of course I needed to try OldNews USA on a Chromebook.  I recently purchased an ASUS Flip Chromebook, and so far, I am very impressed with this device.  It is quickly becoming my go-to device for travel.  The Chromebook is so much lighter than my MacBook, and just a little thicker than a 10 inch Android tablet or iPad.  As the following photo shows, it can be folded flat and used as a tablet using the touchscreen, or you can unfold it and use it as a laptop with a full keyboard, and even a mouse.

OldNews USA on Chromebook
OldNews USA running on an ASUS Flip Chromebook

OldNews USA has been designed from the beginning to support both 7 and 10 inch tablets, so supporting Chromebook was not difficult.  The main issue was that the app required a touch screen for use, since the both the newspaper reader and map view relied on pinch gestures to control zooming.  The latest release of OldNews USA adds zoom buttons to the toolbar of the newspaper reader, as well as to the bottom right of the map view.  These changes let you operate these views using either the touchpad or a mouse.  OldNews USA now runs great on my Chromebook, so if you prefer to research using a larger screen and full keyboard, a Chromebook may be for you.

Chromebook Testers Wanted

I am looking for a few volunteers to test OldNews USA on Chromebook.  If you are interested, please email me and tell me the make and model of your Chromebook.  I will provide a promo code for a free upgrade to the unlimited version of OldNews USA for those that volunteer.  If you have a Chromebook that has the Google Play store installed, you should be able to download and run OldNews USA on your device.  The complete list of Chromebooks that will support Android can be found here.

More Newspapers!

The latest release of OldNews USA also contains an updated newspaper database, since the Chronicling America website continues to add new newspaper titles and additional issues for existing titles to its collection. There are currently 11,781,887 newspaper page images available across 2219 titles.

Below are the new newspaper titles that have been added to the collection from January through March 2017.  Notable in this list are almost 4000 issues of the Chicago Tribune, covering the years 1859 – 1875.  If you have ancestors from Chicago,  or if you want to read contemporary accounts of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, you’ll want to check this out!

Chicago Fire
The Chicago Tribune’s initial report of the Great Chicago Fire

New Newspapers On Chronicling America Since January 2017


  • Morning journal and courier. New Haven [Conn.] issues 2648


  • Daily Republican. [Wilmington, Del.] issues 1844
  • Delaware Republican, and farmers’, manufacturers’ and mechanics’ advocate. Wilmington, Del. issues 5
  • Delaware Republican. Wilmington, Del. issues 259
  • The Wilmington daily Republican. Wilmington, Del. issues 1552


  • The Lakeland evening telegram. Lakeland, Fla. issues 869


  • Cherokee phoenix, and Indians’ advocate. volume New Echota [Ga.] issues 61
  • Cherokee phoenix. volume New Echota [Ga.] issues 21


  • Clearwater Republican. Orofino, Idaho issues 528
  • Elmore bulletin. Rocky Bar, Idaho issues 772
  • The Gem worker and the Idaho labor herald. Boise, Idaho issues 108
  • Idaho labor herald. Boise, Idaho issues 5
  • Kootenai County Republican. Rathdrum, Idaho issues 158
  • Mountain Home bulletin. Mountain Home, Idaho issues 52
  • The Rathdrum tribune. Rathdrum, Idaho issues 923
  • The Silver blade. Rathdrum, Idaho issues 223
  • The Grangeville globe. Grangeville, Idaho issues 752


  • Chicago daily press and tribune. Chicago, Ill. issues 62
  • Chicago daily tribune. Chicago, Ill. issues 1238
  • Chicago daily tribune. Chicago, Ill. issues 1169
  • Chicago tribune. Chicago, Ill. issues 1450
  • Dziennik narodowy. Chicago, Ill. issues 305
  • The Press and tribune. Chicago, Ill. issues 499
  • Telegraf. Chicago, Ill. issues 371
  • Vorbote. Chicago, Ill. issues 171


  • Richmond daily palladium. Richmond, Ind. issues 118
  • The Richmond Indiana palladium. Richmond, Ind. issues 48
  • Richmond Indiana palladium. Richmond, Ind. issues 75
  • The Richmond palladium and sun-telegram. Richmond, Ind. issues 1558
  • The Richmond palladium. Richmond, Ind. issues 762
  • Richmond palladium. Richmond, IA [i.e. Ind.] issues 373
  • Richmond palladium. Richmond, Wayne County, Ind. issues 141


  • Echo de l’ouest. Minneapolis, Minn. issues 1933
  • Katolik. Winona, Minn. issues 111
  • Vinland. Minneota, Minn. issues 66
  • Wiarus. Winona, Minn. issues 381
  • Wiarus. Winona, Minn. issues 1375


  • East Mississippi times. Starkville, Miss. issues 1
  • East Mississippi times. Starkville, Miss. issues 679
  • The Neshoba Democrat. Philadelphia, Miss. issues 440
  • The Sea coast echo. Bay Saint Louis, Miss. issues 1455
  • The Starkville news. Starkville, Miss. issues 829
  • The Commonwealth. Greenwood, Miss. issues 823
  • The Daily commonwealth. Greenwood, Leflore Co., Miss. issues 353
  • Greenwood daily commonwealth. Greenwood, Miss. issues 112
  • The Grenada gazette. Grenada, Miss. issues 202

North Dakota

  • Cavalier County farmers press. Langdon, N.D. issues 70
  • The Cooperstown courier. Cooperstown, Griggs Co., N.D. issues 190
  • Courier Democrat. Langdon, N.D. issues 1425
  • The Dickinson press. Dickinson, Stark County, D.T. [i.e. N.D.] issues 455


  • Medford mail tribune. Medford, Or. issues 952

West Virginia

  • Shepherdstown register. Shepherdstown, Va. [W. Va.] issues 1643


  • Watertown republican. Watertown, Wis. issues 743
  • Wood County reporter. Grand Rapids [i.e. Wisconsin Rapids], Wis. issues 2405

Download OldNews USA today, check out the new newspapers, and give it a try on Chromebook.  I’m going back to work on the iOS app.

OldNews USA on Chromebook

3 thoughts on “OldNews USA on Chromebook

    • May 14, 2017 at 5:51 pm

      Hi Harry,

      Thank you for your continued interest in OldNews USA. I have received a number of other requests for a Windows app, so I am considering it. My current priority is iPhone support.

      I did spend a little time investigating an approach for running OldNews USA on Windows while I was working on Chromebook support. There is a way to run OldNews USA on Windows today using an Android emulator that runs on Windows. The emulator is called Bluestacks and is available for download at http://www.bluestacks.com.

      I tested OldNews USA running on a Bluestacks emulator running on Windows 7, and it works just fine. However, there are a number of drawbacks to this approach which prevent me from recommending this as a supported Windows solution:

      – Bluestacks is a large download, about 260 MB
      – Bluestacks is free to try, but requires a purchase to use permanently
      – Installation requires changing a Bios setting to enable virtualization support
      – Bluestacks is no longer supported on MacOS

      If you are fairly tech savy and don’t mind the above issues, you could give it a try. If you do, let me know if it works for you.

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