OldNews USA makes it easy to find interesting stories and articles in historical US newspapers, using the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America collection of over 11 million newspaper pages from 1789 to 1943.

Easy to Get Started

  1. First,  define either a Person or Topic Goal  that identifies what you want to find, including a date range and a geographic location
  2. OldNews uses the goal data to instantly construct search suggestions, including specific newspaper searches for newspapers that were published closest to your goal’s location and have issues within the date range of your goal
  3. Select a suggested search or newspaper and start searching

You don’t need to be an expert in geography or spend hours researching where newspapers were published before you start, so you’ll have more time to spend on your discoveries!

Full-Featured Searching and Reviewing

  1. Search by State or Search by Newspaper, with basic and advanced search options
  2. Automated search suggestions that reduce data entry and help you learn how to search effectively
  3. Select a previous search and modify it, or enter a new search
  4. Pageable list of search results, ordered by relevance, displays a text preview of matching terms
  5. Tap the screen to automatically zoom to each matching search term in a newspaper page

Search By State Advanced

Every search is automatically saved by the OldNews app, minimizing the data entry when modifying a previous search.

Improve the Quality of Your Research

  1. Define a research goal to keep your research focused
  2. Enable automated research logging
    • Every search, page view, and save action is automatically logged
    • Log can be exported as text or a comma separated values (.csv) file for importing into your favorite spreadsheet app
  3. Automatically generated source citation for every page that you save
    • When you save a newspaper page as either an image or PDF, OldNews automatically saves a separate text file with the complete source citation
    • When you save a newspaper clipping, OldNews also embeds the source citation into the image

These features let you spend more time making discoveries and less time documenting your research.

Explore Newspaper Titles Using a Google Map

  1. Top-level Map view shows how many titles are available in each state
  2. Select a state to zoom into that state and display cluster icons, summarizing how many titles are available in the area within the state
  3. Select a cluster icon to zoom in further, revealing individual newspaper titles
  4. Select a single newspaper title icon to display the name of the newspaper and the range of years when the paper was published
  5. Select the title popup to launch the Search By Newspaper screen

Newspaper Map View 2

The newspaper data included with the OldNews USA app contains location information powered by Google, which makes it easy for anyone familiar with Google Maps to find newspapers in a specific geographic area.

Explore Newspaper Titles Using a Filtered List

  1. Scroll through the complete list of newspaper titles
  2. Filter the list by State, by partial title, or both
  3. When you find a title that you want to search, select it to launch the Search By Newspaper screen

Newspaper List View

Searching and filtering the list of newspaper titles is fast and easy, since the data is available on your device.

Research Anytime, From Anywhere

  1. Use your phone or tablet to research whenever you have the time
  2. Save your discoveries and citations to DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, or any other app of your choosing
  3. Save a page as a Favorite to make it easy to return to the page at a later time
  4. Main view provides a collection of cards similar to Google Now, summarizing the current state of your research
    • Cards include Last Search, Search Suggestions, Newspaper Suggestions, Current Goal, and Welcome card

Research Dashboard

The main view acts as your research dashboard and preserves the context of your research, making it easy to pick up where you last left off.

Organize Your Research Using Goals

  1. Create multiple goals, one for each separate research question or topic
  2. Each goal has a separate search history, research suggestions, and research log
  3. Easily make a new goal your current goal
  4. Delete a goal when the research is complete
Use the Manage Goals screen to create, edit, and delete Goals

Using goals, you can keep your research organized while still being able to work on multiple research projects.